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Full Metal Roof Rack Fairing

I designed, built and installed this Roof Rack Fairing on my truck after I installed my Hannibal Roof Rack. It also covers the top cross bar of the "A" pillar roll cage. The wind noise reduction was immediatley noticeable. It is fabricated from 18 gage aluminum, using round head hammer rivets. It is attached to a stout aluminum frame that bolts to the four factory threaded hard points on the "A" pillar roll cage. It is available in flat black paint. I have been using it now for 7 years; it has taken abuse from an uncountable number of low lying branches. The images displayed show years of use. I experimented with different endcaps for the fairing so the paint job is a bit rough. Yours will look nice, work well and last a long time.
Roof Rack Fairing with mounting hardware - $300.00