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D 90 Interior Hardware
  Item #1 is a hand held GPS unit. We build our routes on the PC at home, then load them into the GPS unit. I selected a hand held unit over an in-dash system so that if I ever have to leave the vehicle and walk out, I can carry my navigation tool with me. #2 is a good old fashion mechanical compass - it is a failsafe back upto the GPS. #3 a panel of toggle switches to control the many interior lights on the truck. #4 the CB radio - it is great for communications to companion vehicles - cell phones won't work out in the bush!

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#5 Good cup holders - you need something that will keep your slurpee from splashing around while on the trail. #6 Oil Pressure and voltage gauges plus a small map light. #7 An MP3 player. CD players rarely work well on bumpy roads and radios are useless in steep canyons. I don't usually listen to too much music while off roading - But when I do - I have all the music I care to listen to on hand - My choice is the iPod. I also installed an exterior temperature gage and clock above the rear view mirror- it takes the guess work out of estimating how many coats to put on before I step out of the truck.
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