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D 90 Front End Offroad Hardware
  Item #5 is a good brush bar / bumper - I replaced the stock bumper with a heavy duty unit which does not have a wrap around brush bar. If you even lightly tag a tree or bush with a wrap around brush bar it will flex so much that it will likely hit the side of your truck. #6 Good recovery shackles - no body plans to get stuck, but it happens - .

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you may need to help a buddy out of a mud pit or snowy ditch - the recovery shackles are the best place to anchor your recovery hardware to your truck # 7 Bright day time driving lights. My truck did not come equipped with them - so I installed a set inside the bumper.#8 are off road driving lights. I have used them on many occasions. You need all the light you can get when the sun goes down!

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