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American Dirt Roads Bandana & "Extra Nut" Necklace
The iconic Defender profile is screen printed on a 100% cotton, bright yellow bandana. The bandana can be used to wipe a sweaty brow, blow a runny nose, or waved in the air to signal a search helicopter looking for a broken down Defender stuck out in the middle of the Mojave. You get one free with every product you buy from American Dirt Roads. Also --- The "Extra Nut" neclace was inspired by extra hardware that is left on the shop floor (after you re assemble components on your truck). A new stainless steel nut is used for the necklace - its internal threads are removed and it is mounted on a high quality thin, brown round leather lanyard that is tied together with a square knot.
The bandanas are Free with the purchase of any ADR Product.
They can be purchased separately for $8.00
The "Extra Nut" necklace is available for purchase at $8.00 each